• ARTIST : DJ K9 (Guy Steinbeck)
  • ROOM : Redwood Bar (located on 1st floor, elevator and stairs on left after entering)
  • DATE/S : 29/01/22
  • ARRIVE BY : 7pm
  • START - FINISH: 8pm - 1am
  • MUSIC : RnB, Hip Hop, House, Pop (mainstream, appealing to a young crowd)
  • SOUND : DJ to provide their own DJ decks and use in-house sound system (set your output to 'mono' and plug into XLR wall input 'mic 2')
  • LIGHTING : Provided by Christo Events, just needs to be turned on when starting and off when finished.
  • PAYMENT AMOUNT : $450 (exc. GST)
  • PAYMENT DATE : Payment will be sent within a week after invoice received.
  • INVOICING : Please ensure your invoice is emailed to as a PDF within the week after performing.
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